U-Pick at Pomona Orchard

Pure, sweet and crispy apples at Pomona Orchard!

Pomona Orchard is located in Kelowna, the third largest city in the province of British Columbia. This region in the Okanagan Valley is known for its clarity of four seasons, lots of sunshine, and rich soil with organic and mineral contents. The great contrast in temperature between day and night is optimized for sugar formation and accumulation in fruits and thus is the best region for growing fruit trees.

Fruit trees in Pomona Orchard are grown on a slope facing southwest, which gets the most energy from the sun.

Since taking over the orchard in 2017, my husband and I are dedicated to transforming it into an organic orchard. Using only organic certified pesticide and fertilizers. And not using any herbicides on the orchard ground. All our fruits are left to naturally grow into maturity and thus taste juicy, sweet and crispy. The entire orchard is thus full of the fragrant smell of fruits!

Stop eating apples that are grown with pesticide and then stored from last year. Come pick the fresh apples at Pomona Orchard! This year (2019) on September 21 are apples scheduled to be juiced on site – come and take a look! Get the freshest juice on the spot!!!

U-pick for Early September: Gala $1/lb Macintosh $1/lb
U-pickLate September: HoneyCrisp $2/lb
U-pick for October: Ambrosia $1.5/lb, Golden Delicious $1.5/lb Fuji $1.5/lb.

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